Prevention Treatment Of Pellagra Medicine Raw Material With Stomatitis And Glossitis

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IUPAC NAME: Pyridine-3-carboxamide CAS NO: 98-92-0
Chemical Formula: C₆H6N2O Molar Mass: 122.12g·mol⁻¹
Properties: White Crystalline Powder Another Name: Vitamin B3
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microcrystalline cellulose powder


ethyl cellulose powder

Product Description

Prevention And Treatment Of Pellagra Medicine Raw Material With Stomatitis And Glossitis


Nicotinamide is a water-soluble vitamin and a member of the B vitamin family. Nicotinic acid can be converted into nicotinamide in vivo. Although both compounds have vitamin effects, nicotinamide is less toxic and pharmacological than nicotinamide. These effects are produced during the transformation of nicotinamide. Therefore, nicotinamide does not reduce cholesterol or cause flushing as nicotinic acid does. When adults take in more than 3 g a day, it can cause liver toxicity. In cells, nicotinic acid is used to synthesize nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphoric acid (NADP). For nicotinamide, the pathway of transformation is very similar to that of nicotinamide. NAD + and NADP + are coenzymes for various enzymatic redox reactions.


IUPAC name: pyridine-3-carboxamide


Alias: 3-pyridine carboxamide, niacinamide, nicotinamide, nicotinicacidamide, VitaminPP


Chinese aliases: nicotinamide, vitamin B3, vitamin PP, nicotinamide; B3, VPP, 3-pyridylformamide

CAS No. 98-92-0


PubChem: 936


ChemSpider: 911


SMILES: c1cc (cnc1) C (= O)N


InChI:1/C6H6N2O/c7-6(9) 5-2-1-3-8-4-5/h1-4H, (H2, 7, 9)/f/h7H2


ChEBI: 17154


DrugBank: DB02701




Chemical formula: CH6N2O


Molar mass: 122.12 g. mol_


Melting point: 128-131 degree C


Uses: Vitamin drugs, participate in the body's metabolic process, for the prevention and treatment of pellagra and other nicotinic acid deficiency


(All data are from 25 C, 100 kPa)


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Folding Basic Information

English/Latin Name: Nicotinamide


Dose/usage: oral, 50-200 mg once, 150-600 mg a day


Alias: nicotinamide, nicotinamide, nicotinamide, vitamin B3, vitamin PP.


Preparations/specifications: 1. Tablets: 50mg, 100mg. (2) Injection: 50mg/ml or 100mg/ml.


Category: Vitamins


Folding traits

The product is white crystalline powder; odorless or almost odorless, bitter taste. The product is soluble in water or ethanol and dissolved in glycerol. Melting point The melting point of this product is 128-131 C.


Folding function and dominance

It is mainly used to prevent and treat pellagra with stomatitis and glossitis. (2) Sick sinus syndrome. (3) Atrioventricular block (no effect on complete right bundle branch, left bundle branch, left anterior branch, double bundle branch or three bundle branch block).


Clinical application of folding

It is used clinically for arrhythmias associated with coronary heart disease, viral myocarditis, rheumatic heart disease and a few digitalis poisoning (most of which are used only after other drugs are ineffective). Generally, all degrees of atrioventricular block have obvious curative effect, basically after treatment, conduction block can disappear, sick sinus syndrome has obvious curative effect, bundle branch block has poor curative effect.


Adverse folding reactions

Individual patients may have dizziness, nausea, epigastric discomfort, loss of appetite, etc.


Folding usage and dosage




(1) Prevention and treatment of pellagra, stomatitis and glossitis: oral administration, 50-200 mg once, 3 times a day. If oral absorption is poor, add glucose solution intravenously, 25 mg each time, twice a day. At the same time, other vitamin B and vitamin C were added.


(2) Prevention and treatment of cardiac block: 300-400 mg once, once a day, add 10% glucose solution 250ml intravenous drip, 30 days as a course of treatment.


Folding pharmacological action

This product is a water-soluble vitamin. This product is easy to absorb orally and can be widely distributed in the body. Excess part of the product is quickly excreted from urine by metabolites or prototype. This product is a component of coenzyme I and coenzyme II. It plays a role of hydrogen transfer in the respiratory chain of biological oxidation. It can promote the process of biological oxidation and tissue metabolism. It plays an important role in maintaining the integrity of normal tissues (especially skin, digestive tract and nervous system). In addition, it has the effects of preventing and treating cardiac block, improving sinoatrial node function and resisting rapid experimental arrhythmia. It can significantly improve the heart rate slowdown and atrioventricular block caused by verapamil.


Pay attention to folding

(1) Intramuscular injection can cause pain, so it is seldom used.


(2) Individual can cause dizziness, nausea, epigastric discomfort, loss of appetite and so on, which can disappear by itself.


(3) Overdose in the early pregnancy may cause teratogenesis.


(4) Both isoniazid and nicotinamide have antagonistic effects. Nicotinamide should be supplemented for long-term use of isoniazid in liver.

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